Estimates & Change Orders

Manage Construction Project Bid Estimates and Ongoing Change Orders

Organize Labor, Material and Equipment for the Project

Bizns Tool allows you to quickly and easily Estimates / Quotes.

Once an Estimate / Quote is accepted as a bid, it can easily be converted to a Project and converted to a Contact for the General Contractor.

With the Bizns Tool, creating quotes for bid invites has been made seamless. It’s very easy to keep the project managers and general contractors up to date.

Keep track of frequent changes and updates, which are quite common with construction projects.

Automation Project Bids Seamlessly

Manage Change Orders for Ongoing Project Changes.

The Bizns Tool will make the approval of Change Orders seamless and fast. It will also monitor all the change orders of the construction project.

Create custom Change Orders templates for the Project and the General Contractor. It's simple and easy to create a customized Change Order template.

Monitor your approved COs as they pertain to the project’s costs to keep track of the project budget and expenses.

Estimates and Change Orders with Bizns Tool