Manage Leads & Bid Invites

Simple Construction Project Management Software from Bid Invites to Payments

You are a professional. Why not manage your construction project like one? Get organized with Bizns Tool.

Manage Leads and Bid Invites, Contacts Anywhere You Go

Requesting bids and managing proposals is overwhelming if done using emails. Bizns Tools for construction subcontractors helps organize and participate in the process with an invitation from General Contractors to Sub to subcontractors.

Cloud software for construction provides a single point to manage the bids and projects, Bid invites to the payments enables to manage the project at efficient scales.

Using the Bizns Tool Software will make the management of bids much easier should any issues arise during the project and the software will provide effective solutions

Construction Project Management Software

Closely Monitor Bids and Opportunity

Send Quotes / Estimates / Proposals for Bids and monitor project progress through the entire project.

No matter how big or small your team is, there is no need to worry about bidding project and keeping track of project activitiesNo matter how big or small your team is, the Bizns Software Tool will take all worries away concerning the bidding process and keep track of all project activities.

And when it’s time to send RFI, Change Order or Submittals for the project, you can use the Bizns Tool to create online forms with easily editable templates that are customized for subcontracting business needs.

Manage Bid Invites from General Contractor